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• A comprehensive range of technology and devices set the quality-momentum at Popular Minerals. From extraction to processing and
transportation - the processes are completed in a topography-friendly way.

Washing Plants:
Four Clay Washing Plants are located within a radius of 15 kilometers from the mine-site. Sandy Clay is processed with the application of the traditional washing technology (Wet Process) on the basis of Filter Press System.

• Washed – clay P-400 produced applied in ceramics polished Tiles body application, Engobe, Glaze, frit mfg.

With help of some plastic clay and polymer binder P-400 clay chemistry & physical properties play wide roll to remove imported clay from tile body and improving the whiteness factor.

Popular minerals mining with world class mining Infrastructure, capacity to excavate raw earth minerals 10.000 Ton per day (ROM) and more, Company own 4 clay washing plant and - 3 Grinding unit powder plant in which processing of Sandy clay (Kaolin + Sand) ore minerals per month more than 30.000 tons, as a result produce 10.000 Ton washed clay and 18.000 tons of different mesh Sand granules applied in ceramics as a quartz replacement , and after further washing applicable as a key minerals for Glass , and value added silica application for different industrial fields as a low impurity – High SiO2 silica sand for Glass, foundry, resin coated sand Etc…

Powder plant produce 100 mesh “White gold “mineral powder contain “Kaolin + Silica + Alkali” from selective sandy clay ore to maintain whiteness of tile body specially designed raw material for double charge & normal polished – unpolished tile body formulations, on request more fineness powder available for other industries application like Paper-Rubber-paint-plastic filler, capacity flexible as per requirement up to 30 ton per Hrs.

Mining – processing and logistic infrastructure - & committed bulk minerals supply to the industries is unbitten identity of popular minerals in the region.

Grinding Plants Three Raymond Mills are mandated for grinding of Sandy Clay. The total capacity is 50 tons per hour. Sandy Clay powder is crushed into 100 mesh powder.



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