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Across a diverse output, the quality parameters have aligned consistently:
• Natural Siliceous Kaolin (Sandy Clay) • Microfine Kaolin (Snow White Clay) • Washed Kaolin (Levigated Clay)
• Washed Silica Sand • Natural Silica Sand • Red Ochre and Yellow Ochre • Red Ocher (High Alumina)
Also present: Land Banks with other valuable quality raw earth minerals - Limestone - Iron Ore - Quartz, Feldspar (Soda - Potash), Laterite

The Sandy Clay, and Red Ochre Mines has been bestowed with the Best Performance Award by Indian Beaurau of Mines, consecutively for the last 7 years.

   White Minerals
  • Sandy Clay (Kaolin + Silica)
  • Snow White Clay
  • Washed Kaolin
   Other Products
  • White Gold Alkali Powder
  • Washed Silica
  • Natural Silica
  • High Alumina Clay
  • High Plastic Clay
  • Red Ocher
  • Yellow Ocher
  • Red Ocher (High Alumina)
  • Test Results
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Colour Test
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Snow-White Sandy Clay Yellow Ocher Sandy Clay Sandy Clay Red Ocher